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one soul worth more than the whole World
Maranatha Full Gospel Church (MFGC) found its start in the mid 1970's among the Malayalee-Indian immigrants in Dallas, Texas. That decade was marked by a great flood of immigrants arriving in the US from India. Due to the influx of large numbers of Malayalees, many Pentecostal churches were founded in what would later be major centers of Malayalee communities in the US (cities such as New York, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and Oklahoma City). Among these churches was the MFGC, and it became one of the first churches to start within not just the Malayalee community, but within the entire Asian-Indian Community.

       By Divine Providence and the leading of the Holy Spirit, a group of Pentecostal believers began to gather under the leadership of Pastor Bethel P. Jacob. The impetus for this particular gathering was, firstly, the desire to gain a better understanding of Biblical doctrines and principles through a greater study of the truth of the Word of God. Secondly, this focused study of God's Word subsequently renewed a desire to worship God with Pentecostal power and intensity as described in Acts 2:4. Bible study, a sincere prayer emphasis and an unabashed effort at sharing the full gospel with anyone and everyone are some of the factors leading to the birth of the MFGC and its focus on the Pentecostal experience. These combined motivators lead to the pursuit of the ideal worship of God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).
Maranatha Full Gospel Church is committed to Jesus Christ and His kingdom. This commitment involves a biblical lifestyle.

       We believe in the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures (2Timothy 3:16,17). The Bible is God's infallible Word, the believer's guide and the final authority for both the faith and conduct (2 Timothy 3:16,17). People who teach in our institutions and who are credentialed ministers shall subscribe to this same position.
       We believe that the top priority of Christians is to "make it our aim to be well and pleasing to God" (2 Corinthians 5:9). Every facet of our lives must come under divine authority as we relate everything to the primary goal, maintaining it without interruption. Our worth to God publicly is measured by what we are in private. Our primary goal must be to please Him and be acceptable to Him.
Since it is our aim "to please God" in everything we do, we will strive to keep our minds pure and positive, avoiding all evils in our modern society which are designed to weaken or destroy our spirituality (Philippians 4:7,8). This must include a sensitivity to judge carefully the television, movie, music, and computer industries. We hold a deep commitment the study of the Bible.
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