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"I will build my church; and the gates
of hell shall not prevail against it."
       Matthew 16:18
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Creation of God
       Pastor Babu Cherian
End time Part 7
       by Pastor. Justin Jacob
after that .."not let your dream die"
       Dr. Tome Barnet..
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Pastor.Bethel P.Jacob
Founder and President of Maranatha Full Gospel ministries
Fetival of praise 2010 Highlight

   Maranatha Full Gospel Churches 35th general convention (a weeklong Festival of Praise) held at Maranatha World Mission headquarters in Dallas ,Texas, USA on July 18th through the 25th.
       Pastor Jacob had been fasting and praying for the past 40 days for the blessings of this convention and  for an impartation
     The meeting started with prayer of Pastor Bethel P. Jacob, the founder and president of Maranatha Full Gospel Church.

      MFGC's Annual Convention was inaugurated by Pastor Matthew Edivatel, the vice president of MFGC.

Pastor Matthew Edivatel, Vice president of MFGC.
Dr. B. Varghese, principle of faith theological seminary
     The first three days Dr. B. Varghese, principle of faith theological seminary Kerala, India preached from the word of God.
   He encouraged people to stand for their faith based upon the bibles commands and demonstrated the power of God through the worship and their daily life and submit and acknowledge the power of god and authority of God's servant.

Rev. Paul Gopalakrishnan
   Rev. Paul Gopalakrishnan shared the word of God on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. He brought the depth of the word of God and shared the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Rev. Ron Rhoades
   Rev. Ron Rhoades preached on the fifth day, he demonstrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ through his experience. Jesus is still able to raise the dead. When Jesus touches the coffin and the people whom carry the coffin stand still.
Pastor Justin Jacob
Pastor Thomas Daniel

Rev.Scott Wilson
Rev.Scott Wilson shared about how god sees things beyond men's measure. And through these measures God calls people to come to another level of commitment in him. If you find yourself in the valley ......ask 3 questions; "why am I here; how should I respond or do; and lastly what do I need to learn?  If you are in the valley do not try to get out it, God out you there because that is where he wants you to be. Lastly, to go on through the valley you must trust in God more then anything else! >>>

Pastor .Clement Varghese
On the last two days Dr.  Robert Spence spoke about how we should live by Christ, not by the criteria of others. We are who god wants us to be. We can never be anyone else but whom god wants us to be.
Dr.  Robert Spence
President of Virginia University
Pastor Shaji Daniel
Bro. Alex Thomas
Malayalam translator

These boys came from Okalahoma and Received Jesus Christ as their personal server during this convention and VBS…May God blesses these Young Boys and their Parents  >>>>>>
Pastor V.V Alexander
Malayalam translator

Pastor. Lukose Yohannan
Pastor Justin Jacob
English translator

Two  Missionaries from Russia attended this convention